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#326: George Kamel - 7 Realistic Money Rules To Go From Broke To Millions

George Kamel is a renowned Ramsey Personality and personal finance expert. His journey from a negative net worth to millionaire status in under a decade is not just inspiring, it's a blueprint for financial success. He shares how he got there and much more in this episode.

00:00 - George’s path to being a millionaire
02:36 - The new normal is to be broke
04:10 - Why is Robert Kiyosaki bragging about being in debt?
06:15 - Why people go into debt
08:53 - How debt affects people psychologically?
13:13 - How to get out of debt
17:28 - Should you pay off your creditors or buy food first?
19:11 - Why you need to be HOPEFUL to become rich
22:00 - Lessons from the biggest study ever done on millionaires
23:02 - The boring path to wealth
25:30 - The STAGGERING power of compound interest in building wealth
30:10 - Avoid these investing traps
33:30 - The best wealth building professions, side-hustles and tactics
38:10 - Why you shouldn’t own a credit card
41:01 - Don’t go into debt for social experiences
43:30 - What makes George’s life worth living
45:05 - Connect with George

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