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#318: Tim Harkness - Chelsea FC Psychologist On Iconic Players & Managers Of Years Gone By

Tim Harkness is a Psychologist, Data Scientist and Writer who up until recently, worked at Chelsea Football Club for 14 years as Head of Sport Science and Psychology. In this interview, I speak to Tim about the psychological traits that set apart the elite athletes from their peers, and Tim's experiences working at one of the biggest football clubs in the world having worked closely with names such as Jose Mourinho, Frank Lampard, Eden Hazard and many more.

0:00 The #1 High Performer Tim Has Worked With
05:30 Tim's Advice To Aaron Ramsdale
09:30 At What Level Does Psychology Make A Difference?
13:50 Penalty Kick Pressure
16:00 How UFC & Boxers Psychology Differ To Other Sports
26:40 Training Vs Matchday Performance
30:30 Motivation Vs Discipline (Thiago Silva)
35:10 Thierry Henry's Advice
38:20 Is Ego Important In Sport? (Ronaldo & Mourinho)
42:20 Is Self-Doubt Good For You?
44:10 The Barriers Of Psychology In Sport
46:30 National Team Vs Club Mentality
48:50 Tim's Favourite Chelsea Team He Was A Part Of
51:10 Champions League Atmosphere & Pressure
52:40 What Is Jose Mourinho Really Like?
54:00 What Makes Life Worth Living?
54:40 More From Tim

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