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#308: Dr Ophelia Veraitch - Don't Be Conned! How to ACTUALLY Get Great Skin & Hair

Dr Ophelia Veraitch ( @dr.ophelia7705 ) is an award-winning Consultant Dermatologist. Dr Veraitch holds influential positions in both academia and the skincare industry, as well as privately treating patients in a Harley street clinic in London.

The beauty industry is one of the biggest sectors in the world.

Unfortunately, trying to navigate what products and treatments are effective has become an ever-more difficult task.

You will learn about the dark secrets of the beauty industry, what causes acne, why tanning beds are so dangerous, treatments for hair thinning and hair loss, Dr Ophelia’s hair and skin routines and so much more.

Topics discussed:
- The link between skin problems and mental health
- Roaccutane
- What causes acne?
- Should you stop wearing makeup if you have acne?
- Lifestyle factors that cause acne
- What causes ‘Backne’, and how to treat it
- Are women more prone to acne than men?
- The problem with luxury skin products
- Are cheaper skin care products are better for your skin?
- Why is there so much misinformation in the beauty industry?
- Does the beauty industry need to be regulated?
- The biggest scam in the beauty industry
- Are collagen supplements a waste of money?
- The link between tanning beds and cancer
- Dr Veraitch’s skincare routine
- The importance of using sun block everyday
- What causes bags under your eyes?
- Chemical vs natural shampoo
- Finasteride & Monaxadil
- Turkish hair transplants
- Does cutting your hair make it grow quicker?
- The biggest mistake people are making daily for their hair
- Dr Ophelia’s haircare routine

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