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#302: Dr Camilla Nord - Mental Health Expert: Tools For a Mental Illness-Free Future

Dr Camilla Nord is a group leader at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at the University of Cambridge. Dr Nord's lab investigates the neural, cognitive, and computational mechanisms of neuropsychiatric disorders, with the aim of translating techniques and models from neuroscience to clinical applications in mental health. Camilla is particularly interested in combining discovery science with experimental medicine approaches to develop interventions that target disrupted body-brain processes across a number of mental health conditions.

In this wide-ranging conversation today, Camilla & I discuss the latest science of mental health treatment and the promising outlook of future breakthroughs.

Here are some things discussed:

- Can experiencing acute pain(such as an ice bath) make us happier? And does experiencing more pain make us more prone to pleasure?
- Good dopamine vs bad dopamine?
- Are low expectations the secret to happiness?
- The gut microbiome and the importance of diet in mental health
- How social laughter has an opioid like effect on the brain
- And then we discuss the future of mental health treatment. I ask things like when will we have a blood test for depression? What role does Electro convulsive therapy have? When will gene editing be available to enhance mental health circuits?

You can buy Camilla's latest book 'The Balanced Brain' here:

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