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#299: Prof Giorgio Parisi - Nobel Prize Winning Physicist On How To Generate INCREDIBLE Ideas

Giorgio Parisi is a Nobel Prize winning theoretical Physicist and Professor of Quantum Theories at Sapienza University.

In this episode today, Giorgio and I discuss:
00:00 - Introduction
00:25 - Why Giorgio chose Physics
02:22 - Was Giorgio a gifted child?
03:29 - Did Giorgio’s parents help him make his career choice?
05:16 - What was it like to lose the Nobel Prize
09:03 - Did losing the Nobel prize Make Giorgio a better scientist?
11:16 - How did Giorgio decide what to study
14:27 - The role of randomness and chance in Giorgio’s success
19:11 - The biggest obstacle that Giorgio had to overcome
21:37 - Overcoming setbacks
25:26 - How to generate ideas
28:41 - Richard Feynman
36:51 - Dr Becky, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Brian Cox
39:15 - The moment Giorgio found about he was going to win the Nobel Prize
41:01 - Emotions of winning the Nobel Prize
46:45 - Connect with Giorgio
48:30 - What makes a life worth living?

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