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#294: Stephen Hussey - The Last Love Advice That You Will Ever Need

Stephen Hussey is a relationship coach, host of the "love life" and "speaking generally" podcasts, NYT best-selling author and a PhD graduate from the University of Oxford.

Finding love in the modern world can be particularly challenging for a variety of reasons. Technology, while offering more opportunities to connect with people across the globe, has also complicated the dating landscape.With over 300 million dating app users worldwide, online dating apps and social media platforms may lead to a paradox of choice, where having too many options can create anxiety and make it difficult to settle on a single partner.

The fast pace of modern life often emphasizes career and personal development, leaving less time for cultivating deep and meaningful relationships. Cultural shifts have also led to more diverse and individualized expectations around love and relationships, which can cause confusion and mismatches in values and desires between potential partners. Furthermore, the transient nature of modern living, where people frequently move for work or other opportunities, can impede the ability to build long-term connections.

However, these challenges do not have to be fate, and we should not be nihilistic about it.

In this episode today, Stephen joins the Freedom Pact to discuss:

- Is online dating a good thing or not?
- How can we set our lives up to navigate the dating world?
- Is there such a thing as 'the one'?
- The problem with romanticising Barbie, Christian Grey and James Bond
- How to know if you should go on a second date with someone
- Keeping the spark alive
- Is attraction overrated?
- Stephen's love letter to his future wife
& Much more!

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