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#271: Prof Amy Zegart - Intelligence Agencies, Tik Tok, 9/11 Mistakes, Cyberwars & More

Dr Amy Zegart is a senior fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and Professor of Political Science at Stanford University. Amy is also the Morris Arnold and Nona Jean Cox Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Chair of Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence and International Security Steering Committee, and a contributing writer at The Atlantic. Dr Zegart specializes in U.S. intelligence, cybersecurity, emerging technologies and national security, and global political risk management.

In this conversation today, Amy and I discuss a wide range of topics.
Such as:
- What is the role of an intelligence agency?
- How the US knew about Russia's invasion of Ukraine down to the hour
- The dangers of Tik Tok
- 2016 & 2020 election interference
- Are the UK & US prepared for a cyberwar?
- Much more!

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00:00 coming up
01:10 - The role of intelligence agencies
07:23 - How French bread Won The Revolution
09:33 - AI is changing intelligence agencies
12:54 - Russia & Ukraine
14:41 - Big Tech
16:61 - Tik Tok
23:26 - Policymakers are worried about Elon
26:18 - Russian election interference
30:01- 9/11 mistakes
37:30 - Social media exposed Iran
40:38 - Ethics
43:12 - Edward Snowden & Julian Assange
47:51 - Is Alexa listening to me?
51:00 - Connect with Amy