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#256: Dr Louis Ignarro - Nobel Prize Winner Explains How To Supercharge Your Health

Dr Louis Ignarro is an American pharmacologist, Professor Emeritus in the UCLA school of Medicine and the co-winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize.

Dr Ignarro and colleagues won the Nobel prize in 1998 for their demonstration that nitric oxide, a molecule that we will discuss in depth, worked as a signalling agent within the cardiovascular system. This finding later gave birth to viagra. You heard that right.

Now if you’re listening to this, and wondering what the hell is nitric oxide, what the hell is the cardiovascular system, and why should I even care? Well, please don’t be put off. It’s explained very well throughout the podcast by Dr Ignarro. Moreover, the reason that you should care is that this molecule has the potential to make or break your health.

You can expect to learn what nitric oxide is, why it’s crucial for brain health, preventing diseases like Alzheimers, how it boosts learning and memory, why it’s key for reducing your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes and more. We talk about practical ways to boost nitric oxide and you can also expect to learn did winning the Nobel Prize make Dr Ignarro any happier..

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