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#253: Dr Daniel Z Lieberman - How To Unlock The True Power Of Your Unconscious Mind

Dr Daniel Z Lieberman is a medical doctor, Psychiatrist and clinical professor of Psychiatry at George Washington.

Dan has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles and was the best selling author of the Molecule of More, A book about Dopamine that I was personally recommended on the show by Dr Andrew Huberman when he came on.

Dr Lieberman’s latest book is called ‘spell bound’. Modern science, ancient magic and the hidden potential of the unconscious mind.

In this episode today, we discuss:

- What is the unconscious mind?
- Why are we so drawn to magic and myth?
- Why elite performing athletes are the most superstitious people on the planet
- What are the dangers of not exploring your unconscious mind
- How to explore your unconscious mind
& dopamine, how reward without effort can ruin a person, how to reset your brain for enhanced creativity, love and passion and much more!

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Dr Daniel Z Lieberman.

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