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#239: Dr Will Bulsiewicz - Gastroenterologist Explains How Fibre Can Help & Heal Your Gut

Dr Will Bulsiewicz, or 'Dr B', is a board certified Gastroenterologist who both practises and researches at the cutting edge of science related to gut-health.

Long time listeners of the show will know that this is Dr Bulsiewicz's third appearance on the show! Our first podcast with Dr B (#33) is in our top ten most downloaded ever episodes and our second podcast was in the top 30 of the Educational iTunes Charts.

Dr B is the author of the New York Times selling book 'Fibre Fuelled', which can be found here:

Similarly, Will has just released a brand new cookbook which features over 100 recipes. Check it out here:

In this episode today, Will & I discuss:
- How Dr B built his platform
- Why people relate to Will
- Is medical school failing young doctors?
- The role of Fibre in health
- The healing molecule. 'short chain fatty acids'
- Optimising the microbiome
- Much, much more!