The Freedom Pact

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#199: The Best Of Freedom Pact (So Far)

[02:21] What Makes A Life Worth Living? - Douglas Murray
[06:14] What 3.5 Million Year Old Footprints Can Teach Us About Family & Love - Neil Oliver
[14:50] How To Deal With Loneliness - Robert Greene
[18:42] The Difference Between Sadness & Depression - Tal Ben Shahar
[24:20] How To Live Longer - Dr Michael Gregger
[28:20] How To Deal With Fear - Cristina Zenato
[34:55] The Real Life Lord Of The Flies - Rutger Bregman
[39:45] Do The Work - Darin Olien
[47:39] No Such Thing As Dying Young - Massimo Pigliuci