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#144: Jason Fried - Basecamp CEO on Enough, Parenting, Jeff Bezos & Winning at Business

Jason Fried (@jasonfried) is the CEO & Co-founder of Basecamp.

Jason hosts the very popular Rework podcast, and has written and co-authored numerous best-sellers including Rework, Getting Real and it doesn't have to be crazy at work.

In today's day and age there is a common belief that to be successful we must burn ourselves into the ground. Hustle and the grind are celebrated, and whilst they may be important in some aspects, Jason argues that there may be another way to achieve success and fulfilment.

In this episode we discuss how a multi-billion dollar company like Basecamp functions, lessons Jason learned from his parents and how he will teach his kids, the value of time, parenting lessons, productivity tools, lessons Jason's learned from working with Jeff Bezos, winning at business and much much more.

I must warn you, Jason's philosophy is infectious.

I hope you enjoy this episode with the hugely respected Jason Fried.

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