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#128: Dr Gad Saad - The War On Truth, Science & Reason

Today on the show, we are joined by Gad Saad.

Dr. Gad Saad is Professor of Marketing, public intellectual, holder of the Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences and Darwinian Consumption, and advisory fellow at the Center for Inquiry.

Professor Saad’s latest book The Parasitic Mind: how infectious ideas are killing common sense takes a wonderful look at some of the ideas which are so prominent in society today. We discuss the granddaddy of ‘idea pathogens’ as Gad calls it Postmodernism, we discuss the fear of biology, why in this era of social justice warriors you need to become like the honey badger, the war on science, truth and reason that we all have a stake in and much, much more.

As a reminder, this interview is in video format along with all of our recent interviews are now live on our YouTube channel. Without any further ado, I hope you enjoy this conversation with the Godfather himself, Professor Gad Saad.

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