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#112: Maria Konnikova - Professional Poker Player On Weaponising Self-Belief

What an episode we have for you. Today on the show, we are joined by Maria Konnikova.

Maria graduated from Harvard, holds a PHD in psychology, is a journalist for The New Yorker, an International Poker Champion and if all this isn’t enough for you, she’s also a 3x best-selling author of the confidence game, How to think like Sherlock Holmes and her latest book ‘’The biggest bluff.’’

Today we are discussing Maria’s latest book - The biggest bluff ‘How I learned to pay attention, master myself and win’ which details Maria’s journey from being a complete poker novice to recruiting Eric Seidel as a mentor and becoming an international Poker champion and winning $300,000 dollars in tournament winnings. All of this is not bad from someone that when she started didn’t even know how many cards were in a deck

In this episode we discuss so god damn much including the role that luck plays in our life, how to make better decisions using probabilistic thinking, becoming more confident, finding the right mentor and so much more. This is a barn-stormer into strategic thinking, mental models and making better decisions.

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