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#108: Dr. Michael Greger - How To Prevent Alzheimers & Live Longer

Michael is a physician, 3x New York Times Best seller, founder of and you may know him from his smash hit book ‘’How not to die’’ which is one of the perennial books within the field of nutrition science.

In today’s episode, we discuss Alzheimers, how to live a longer life, what one of the worlds most influential nutritionists would add and remove to someones diet to make them healthier, and also the damaging effects of a diet high in sodium.

For reference as to how much of a badass Dr, Greger is - he conducted this interview and all of his other remote interviews on a walking treadmill. So apologies if you hear what sounds like walking, because yes that is Michael walking on a treadmill!!

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Without any further ado, I hope you enjoy this conversation with the revered Dr Michael Greger.

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