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#106: Dr. David Perlmutter - How To Detox Your Brain For Better Health & Clearer Thinking

Today on the show, we are joined by Dr David Perlmutter. The best-selling author of Five New York Times books as well as being a board certified neurologist.

David was the recipient of the humanitarian of the year award, is one of the most sought after minds in the field of health and nutrition, has lectured at universities like Harvard, Colombia and New York, and on top of this has been interviewed by Oprah. He’s a big deal.

In. Today’s episode you will learn all about how modern life is destroying your brain. From the foods we eat, to the media we consume, to the hyper-reality of social media, you would think that it would think that modern life would make us happier. But it’s done the opposite. As a world, we’re more lonely and disconnected than ever before

In today’s episodes, David and I discuss some of his research into how we can detox our minds for clearer thinking, deeper relationships, and lasting happiness.

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