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#104: Dr Tal Ben Shahar - The Creator Of Harvards Most Popular Ever Course On Becoming Happier

Today, we are joined by Dr Tal Ben Shahar. Tal is the creator of the most popular course in Harvard’s history. When Tal was teaching positive psychology at Harvard, there were over 1400 people that enrolled onto the course, which is just NUTS!

Tal is a renowned teacher and writer into positive psychology. His book Happier was a New York Times best-seller and he’s also a key-note speaker on topics such as the science of happiness, happiness studies, lasting change and flourishing in a changing world.

In today’s episode we discuss how to become happier, why gratitude is so powerful, the difference between depression and sadness, why we’re so unhappy in the west despite living in the best time in human history, relationships, mindfulness, flow, self-acceptance and also on building self-esteem.

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