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#101 Patrick Bet-David - Legendary Entrepreneur On How Visiting The Cemetery Launched Him To Success

Today on the show we are joined by Patrick Bet-David. Patrick is the founder and CEO of PHP insurance which is the fastest growing financial services company in America.

Patrick started off with literally nothing. His family had to flee a war-torn Iran as refugees to come to America when Patrick was just 10 years old. He now has a net worth of roughly $150 million dollars.

You may also know Patrick from his other venture Valuetainment. Patrick’s video the life of an entrepreneur has more than 30 million views, he’s interviewed mob bosses, Steve Wozniak, Kobe Bryant, Mark Cuban and Patrick has a combined following of more than 7 million across all platforms.

In this episode we discuss Patrick’s life growing up as a refugee, relationships, building a family, decision making and also how Patrick’s visits to the Graveyard launched him to unimaginable success.